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Can I wear Capri pants for a workout?

Capri Sports Pants Show A Little Leg

If you don't want to show your whole leg at the gym (or if you forgot to shave), reach for some cute sports Capri pants in a moisture-wicking, stretchy fabric and you'll look great and feel comfortable during your workout. The term “Capri pant” can apply to any pants that fall below the knee and above the ankle. Some styles come just below the knee, while others hit at mid-calf, so if you're shopping for sports Capris, available from most sports apparel manufacturers, it helps to try on a few styles and see what's most flattering to your legs.

A word of caution: If you have short legs in proportion to your total height, you may find that Capris aren't as flattering on you as they are on your leggy friends (that has been my experience as a short-legged person) and you may prefer long shorts that come to just above the knee.

What features make sports clothes flattering?

Do These Pants Make Me Look Big?

Finding the right size and style of gym pants that look fashionable and flatter your hard-earned figure can give you a mental boost, and you'll know when you've found flattering pants because you'll reach for them regularly. There are so many fashionable sports clothes available that you will want to try several styles to decide what fits you best. Factors to consider include:-Shape of the leg: Some fashionable sports pants are more fitted through the hip and thigh than others, and if you're thigh-conscious it is worth shopping around. Boot-cut and drawstring styles are flattering to most figures.

-Style of waist: A wider or asymmetrical waistband can make your waist look slimmer.

-Low-rise: If you have a long torso, a low-rise pant hits you below the belly button, where it should, and not in the middle of your stomach. And if you have great abs, low-rise pants can show them off.

What are some trendy styles of women's exercise clothing?

Corset Tops Have Form And Function

If you want a stylish athletic top that's a little different from the usual fitted tanks or baggy t-shirts, consider corset tops. These trendy sports tops have a contoured fit to show off your figure, but they feature ribbing, drawstrings, or gathers for an elegant look that provides support, too. Some examples are the Adidas Adilibria gym tank and Nike's Corset Statement top.

Who makes shrug tops for the gym?

Short Jackets And Shrug-Style Wraps Add A Little Warmth With A Lot Of Style

Short, shrug-style wrap tops and cropped, lightweight jackets are hip in women's exercise clothing. They are practical, too; they cover your shoulders without adding bulk, and may be just right to slip into after a yoga or Spinning® class where you've worn a tank top or full-length bra top and want some arm coverage when you go outside. You can usually find these styles with sports clothing designed for yoga or dancing; for example, Nike offers a cropped hooded cover-up as part of its dance apparel line, and the company currently features a wraparound shrug in its yoga collection.


Tracksuits: Pants And Jackets Are Trendy And Toasty

Fashion is cyclical, and current fashionable sports apparel recalls the polyester zip-front tracksuits of Bruce Jenner in the 1976 Olympics (those of us who were alive then will remember him; his picture was on the Wheaties cereal box). Sport apparel manufacturers including Nike, offer matching track-style jackets and pants suits that are meant for casual wear. These outfits aren't for a 10-mile run on a 10-degree day, but they are perfect for a Sunday morning trip to the local coffee place, shopping, low-key activities such as ice-skating or throwing a Frisbee with the dog, or for relaxing at home.

If you want a tracksuit that you can wear for a workout as well, check the labels. Nike offers such suits in cushy velour for casual wear, but also in Dri-Fit, the company's moisture-wicking material.

What sports clothes can I wear to run errands?

Gym Wear To Street Wear: Stylish Sports Clothes Look As Good As You Feel

Want to do errands on your way home from the gym but you don't want to tote along an extra outfit? Fashionable sports clothes in the form of loose-fitted trendy pants can be work for workouts themselves, or as a cover-up over shorts for warm-ups and cool-downs. But the best part is, most sports apparel manufacturers offer loose-fitting sports clothes that not only keep you not only comfortable and covered, but also look stylish and sleek enough for a post-workout trip to the grocery store, salon, or home.

Can I wear a camisole top to the gym?

Sports Camisoles Flatter And Perform

If you're seeking a sports top that flatters most figures but also handles a workout, sports camisoles may be the perfect fit. These styles skim the body rather than hug it, so you need not worry about showing every curve.

What types of sports apparel pants are the most fashionable?

Dance Pants Help You Find Your Groove In And Out Of The Gym

The popularity of dance-inspired workouts has driven the design of dance-inspired fashionable sports apparel. Several sports manufacturers offer baggy, hip hop-style pants with cargo pockets, and asymmetrical seams for a look that's trendy but comfortable. But these dance pants have an added bonus: Not only do they look hip, but they are made from high-performance fabrics, such as stretchy twill or moisture-wicking material such as Nike's Dri-Fit, so they stand up to working out as well as hanging out.

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