Do These Pants Make Me Look Big?

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What features make sports clothes flattering?

Do These Pants Make Me Look Big?

Finding the right size and style of gym pants that look fashionable and flatter your hard-earned figure can give you a mental boost, and you'll know when you've found flattering pants because you'll reach for them regularly. There are so many fashionable sports clothes available that you will want to try several styles to decide what fits you best. Factors to consider include:-Shape of the leg: Some fashionable sports pants are more fitted through the hip and thigh than others, and if you're thigh-conscious it is worth shopping around. Boot-cut and drawstring styles are flattering to most figures.

-Style of waist: A wider or asymmetrical waistband can make your waist look slimmer.

-Low-rise: If you have a long torso, a low-rise pant hits you below the belly button, where it should, and not in the middle of your stomach. And if you have great abs, low-rise pants can show them off.



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