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Where can I buy a men's Champion sweatshirt?

Want Maximum Coziness? Slip On A Hooded Sweatshirt

There's nothing quite like a comfortable hooded sweatshirt when you want to feel warm and cozy, whether you're relaxing after a workout, sitting in the stands to watch a game on a cool fall day, or just picking up the kids after the game. Many sports apparel manufacturers offer hooded men's sweatshirts, and look for reverse-weave fabrics or cotton/polyester blends if you want to minimize shrinkage.

What are some trendy types of sweatpants?

Sweats Get Hip With Capri Style

Want another way to wear sweats while looking stylish? Check out Capri-length sweats. The popularity of Capri pants and the prevalence of sportswear as casual wear have yielded Capri-length sweatpants from many sports apparel manufacturers, including Nike and Champion. The Capri sweats feature the same fleecy softness as traditional sweatpants, only shorter, and some are available in lightweight fabrics.Caution: If you reach for Capri sweats as winter pants, your lower legs might get a little cold!

Where can I buy warm-up suits?

Warm-Up Suits Go Mainstream

Sports apparel style has truly crossed over into casual wear with the prevalence of warm-up suits in styles, fabrics, and colors to fit every shape and taste from grandmas to granddaughters. Check out the range options from your favorite sports apparel manufacturers. The matched suits are as comfortable as your old college sweats, but nice enough to wear in public. Special features of some warm-up suits are ankle-zip pants for easy on and off, iPod or MP3 pockets for the music enthusiast, hoods, and embroidery.

Where can I buy sweats for kids?

Sweats Are A Perennial Favorite With Kids

Most kids love sweats, regardless of whether they play six sports or none. Sports apparel manufacturers such as Champion offer high-quality sweatpants and sweatshirts for boys and girls. You can find warm-up sweatsuits in cotton, cotton blend, or mesh, any of which will keep kids comfortable before and after sports, when they are doing their homework, or when they're sitting in the car to go to grandma's. When purchasing boys and girls sweats choose a larger size to allow for the child's growth and the garment's shrinkage. Although some styles of sweats are shrink-resistant, others are not, especially if they are 100% cotton and you throw them in the dryer, so hang them dry if you're in doubt.

How do I know my sweatshirt size?

Find The Right Sweatshirt Size

The right size of sweatshirt for you depends on how you like clothes to fit. If you're just choosing a sweatshirt to lounge in, your usual jacket size will probably be comfortable. If you are buying a trendy hoodie or pullover that's designed to flatter your figure, try your normal shirt size.

A laundry tip: Washing can alter sizes. Read the labels; a sweatshirt that is 100% cotton will probably shrink if you dry it in the dryer. If you want to avoid shrinkage, hang sweatshirts on a plastic hanger from a hook or shower rod. Hanging sweatshirts on a hanger allows the air to circulate and they will dry more quickly than they would if they were draped over a drying rack.

Can I wear a zip-front sweatshirt as a casual jacket?

Zip-Front Sweatshirts Make Great Casual Jackets

Sometimes you just want a lightweight, casual jacket for a little extra warmth as you dash out to run an errand, walk the dog, or pick up children. If wind- and water-resistance aren't an issue, a zip-front sweatshirt makes a great lightweight outer layer that's soft and comfortable enough to wear both indoors and outdoors. Zip-front sweatshirts are available in a variety of styles and fabrics, and you can find them with or without hoods.

Where can I find trendy men's sweatpants?

Men's Sweatpants Get In Style

Men are no longer limited to the drawstring, cuff-legged sweatpants they might remember from high school sports in days gone by. Men's sports pants and sweatpants have evolved, and as sportswear becomes more commonplace as casual wear outside of the gym, several sports apparel manufacturers have designed updated sweatpants for men with features such as wide legs, on-seam pockets, and ankle zips.

Where can I buy trendy women's sweats?

Sweats: A Casual Wear Classic, Now With Trendy Twists

No matter how high-tech sports apparel becomes, there is something classic, comforting, and comfortable about putting on your favorite sweats. Once upon a time, everyone wore cotton sweats for working out as well as for hanging out, but now you can reserve the sweats as a comfy post-workout reward for your tired muscles. You can find women's' sweats in cotton fabrics or a cotton/polyester blend that resists shrinkage, and current styles feature wide legs, low waists, and boot-cut legs.

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