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Where can I find athletic shorts that aren't tight?

Men's Sports Shorts: Get A Little Loose

Several loose-fitting styles of athletic shorts are available for men who don't like to wear fitted or compression shorts but want lightweight sports clothing with moisture-wicking properties. Champion, Nike, Road Runner Sports, and other sports clothing manufacturers offer comfortable but loose-fitting shorts in varying lengths that are a great choices for intense workouts, running, basketball, weightlifting, and they'll dry quickly. The longer leg lengths of loose-fitting moisture-wicking shorts also make a great transition to casual wear and accommodate sizes from small to XXL.

What is a good choice for men's workout shorts?

Mesh Shorts Are A Great Fit For Multisport Men

Do you, or does a man you know, go to the gym to play basketball with the company team, then go to the gym and lift weights, then runs a few errands and come homes and mow the lawn, without changing workout shorts? If so, mesh men's workout shorts are a great sports clothing choice. The mesh is lightweight and breathable, and it doesn't look wrinkled after a workout. Do you know any teenagers? Chances are that they have a few pairs of mesh shorts around, either as part of a uniform for a formal team sport or just for doing their own thing. Mesh shorts are easy to care for, too. Just wash them in cold water and hang them to dry.

How can I take off sports pants over my shoes?

Need Easy On And Off Sports Pants? Look for Zippers

Workout pants with zippered legs let you peel off the pants without removing your shoes. This feature is ideal if you want to take off the sports pants and strip down to shorts once you get to the gym, or during your workout. You can find fitted tights with zippers also. Some zippers run the length of the pant leg, and others extend from the bottom of the pant leg to the upper calf.
Caveat: If you wear sports pants with zippers for your workout, the zippers may rub and chafe your legs. It's best to wear the athletic pants with zippered legs if you will be wearing them pre-or post-workout, or as casual wear.

How do I choose the right size sports clothing?

Find The Right Tights

Choose tights and other sports clothing sizes based on your waist and hip measurements for standard clothing. For example, a woman who wears a size 10 would probably be comfortable in a size medium tight. But read the labels; some brands may consider a medium to be sized 10-12, while in another brand a medium is 8-10. If you feel self-conscious in fitted tights, many current styles of sports pants skim the body, rather than hug it, and you can find athletic pants with boot-cut, wide, or tapered legs. Ideally, visit a store and try several pairs, since sizes vary according to brand. Also, consider your activity. Pants that are too floppy may get in your way for running, but they would be fine for weightlifting, for a slower-paced yoga classes, or just lounging around the house. Cropped and athletic Capri styles are good choices for yoga if you feel uncomfortable in shorts but you want to avoid pant legs dragging on the floor during twisting and bending poses.

What sports clothing should I wear in the rain?

Workout Pants Will Protect From Wet Weather

If you're determined to run on a rainy day, read the labels and look for tights or pants that are breathable. A 100% nylon pant or polyester blends will certainly keep you dry, but they can be too hot for intense activity if it is rainy but not particularly cold. But the nylon and polyester blends are fine for warm-ups, cool-downs, and casual running around after the kids in the yard.

If the weather is wet, but not cold, most moisture-wicking pants, tights, and shorts will keep your skin reasonably dry. The pants will get wet and absorb some water, and your skin may feel damp, but unless you're out in the rain for hours, any moisture-wicking pants and shorts will keep you from feel cold and clammy.

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