Tracksuits: Pants And Jackets Are Trendy And Toasty

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Tracksuits: Pants And Jackets Are Trendy And Toasty

Fashion is cyclical, and current fashionable sports apparel recalls the polyester zip-front tracksuits of Bruce Jenner in the 1976 Olympics (those of us who were alive then will remember him; his picture was on the Wheaties cereal box). Sport apparel manufacturers including Nike, offer matching track-style jackets and pants suits that are meant for casual wear. These outfits aren't for a 10-mile run on a 10-degree day, but they are perfect for a Sunday morning trip to the local coffee place, shopping, low-key activities such as ice-skating or throwing a Frisbee with the dog, or for relaxing at home.

If you want a tracksuit that you can wear for a workout as well, check the labels. Nike offers such suits in cushy velour for casual wear, but also in Dri-Fit, the company's moisture-wicking material.



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