Capri Sports Pants Show A Little Leg

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Can I wear Capri pants for a workout?

Capri Sports Pants Show A Little Leg

If you don't want to show your whole leg at the gym (or if you forgot to shave), reach for some cute sports Capri pants in a moisture-wicking, stretchy fabric and you'll look great and feel comfortable during your workout. The term “Capri pant” can apply to any pants that fall below the knee and above the ankle. Some styles come just below the knee, while others hit at mid-calf, so if you're shopping for sports Capris, available from most sports apparel manufacturers, it helps to try on a few styles and see what's most flattering to your legs.

A word of caution: If you have short legs in proportion to your total height, you may find that Capris aren't as flattering on you as they are on your leggy friends (that has been my experience as a short-legged person) and you may prefer long shorts that come to just above the knee.



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