When It's Time For A New Sports Bra

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When It's Time For A New Sports Bra

Champion Tip: Beware of chafing from a zip-front bra during a long workout. Look for zip-front styles with covered zippers that are less likely to rub, such as Champion's Natural Contour Comfort Zip Bra features a plush-lined zipper placket. If tugging a sports bra on and off over your head is unappealing or awkward, consider a zip-front style sports bra. The zip-fronts may be a good choice for larger-breasted women who find it difficult to pull bras over their heads, but they are appealing to anyone who wants to get dressed and undressed for the gym faster and more easily. Not only are the zip-front styles easy to manage, but they feature molded cups for an attractive, not a “uniboob” look.



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