Get Support For Your Sport

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Get Support For Your Sport

Champion Tip: Champion has a unique system of categorizing their sports bras by the Motion Control Requirement (MCR) of the activity, such as “high impact” or “medium impact.” High impact means anything where you may be bouncing up and down a lot, such as running, basketball, racquet sports or high-impact or step aerobics. Most styles of sports bras will provide enough support for mild to moderate activities, such as yoga, bicycling, Pilates or weightlifting. But for high-impact activities, even women with smaller cup sizes should look for a bra that minimizes bouncing and holds the chest in place, although how snugly your bra fits depends in part on your comfort level. Some women are more bothered by bouncing, and prefer a smaller size and tighter fit than they would buy in an everyday bra, while some women prefer less restriction. Champion sports bras are available in styles to accommodate women of all shapes and sizes. For example, the Champion Underwire Comfort Strap bra is rated as a high MCR for B and C cups and medium MCR for D and DD cups.



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