Lifting Weights? Sleeveless T-Shirts Allow Range of Motion

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What should I wear for weightlifting?

Lifting Weights? Sleeveless T-Shirts Allow Range of Motion

Sleeveless tops are often the sportswear of choice for serious weightlifters because they allow a full and unrestricted range of arm motion. Sports apparel manufacturers offer sleeveless shirts in a variety of styles, and some shirts have mesh panels or added compression. Some sleeveless tops for women include built-in shelf bras, which is usually enough support for weightlifting. Or, looser-fitting styles accommodate any sports bra. Men can find sleeveless tops in tank styles, racerback styles, classic sleeveless, or cap sleeves. Cotton sleeveless shirts are OK for weightlifting, but if you mean to sweat, find a sleeveless shirt made from moisture-wicking fabric.



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