Going Long: A Full-Length Bra Top

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What are full-length bra tops?

Going Long: A Full-Length Bra Top

Women who don't need excessive support (A-C cups, depending on the activity), and who don't want to bare their midriffs while working out may appreciate the full-length bra top. These tops combine a tank top that covers the torso with a bra that has enough support for low-, medium-, or high-impact activities for small or medium cup sizes.

The full-length tops can be a great choice for stretching, yoga, or Pilates because there is no excess fabric to bunch up and get in the way of twisting and stretching. Some women like them for running, but if you like to wipe your face on your sleeve occasionally, you are out of luck with these tops. Because full-length bra tops are fairly fitted, and worn against the skin, look for soft, moisture-wicking fabrics to avoid feeling soggy midway through your workout.



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