Pockets Are A Jock's Best Friend

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Are there styles of competitive sports apparel with pockets for gel?

Pockets Are A Jock's Best Friend

Are you annoyed at having to wear a belt with a pouch to carry your PowerGel during a marathon, triathlon, or other endurance event? Fear not. Sports apparel manufacturers have stepped up to the plate and added subtle but reliable pockets to several styles of athletic tops and bottoms that can hold keys, gel, and even a small packet of Advil. For example, some sports shorts have stretchy mesh pockets in the sides, while some shirts have similar pockets in the sleeves, sides, or on the lower back. Some sports shirts have zippered pockets on the sleeves for added security.

Forget about makeshift pockets made of old t-shirts and safety pins that fasten to the back of a running shirt, just above the waist, for a last-minute, do-it-yourself pockets. Fortunately, today's competitive sports apparel makes it easier for serious athletes to carry what they need without adding bulk or interfering with the workout.



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