Yoga Wear: Long And Short Of It

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Are shorts or pants better for yoga?

Yoga Wear: Long And Short Of It

For the serious (and not so serious) yoga practitioners, fitted shorts or cropped pants are the best choice for your hard working bottom half, rather than longer, boot-cut sports pants.

The advantage to wearing shorts for yoga is that shorts let the instructor see your legs so he or she can see whether your knees are straight when they should be straight, and bent when they should be bent, and adjust your alignment accordingly. That said, not everyone likes to reveal too much of his or her legs at the gym. To get the most out of your downward facing dog, eagle, or camel pose, without flashing your thighs, choose a Capri-style or cropped pant so you don't trip or slip on the bottoms of the legs. Alternatively, some new styles of sports pants have drawstrings or ties at the bottom of the legs to let you adjust the length to suit your activity.

Athletic sportswear companies have embraced the popularity of yoga, and Champion offers a range of performance apparel for the devout yogi, such as the Low-fit Crop Pant, a comfy Capri-style with a low-rise drawstring waist that allows a full range of movement during challenging classes; you'll flow from pose to pose with ease.



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