Bring Lightweight Sports Jackets To Protect From Post-Yoga Chill

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What jacket should I put on after yoga?

Bring Lightweight Sports Jackets To Protect From Post-Yoga Chill

Even on a warm day, you may start to feel chilled after a workout as your body cools down. If you're taking a yoga, Pilates, or aerobics class at the gym, bring a lightweight, moisture-wicking sports jacket to slip into afterwards, especially if you have worked out in a tank top or sports bra. The moisture-wicking jacket will absorb some sweat and control that post-workout chill, which is especially helpful if you're not going home right after the class. Some good choices include Nike's Dri-Fit lightweight zip-front jackets or Adidas's ClimaLite styles. Pull-over jackets with hoods and half-zips are great for the post-workout, too. Since wind- and water-resistance isn't the primary objective, this is an occasion for the fashionable but functional workout jackets with curved seams or designs.



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