Take Care Of Your Sports Jacket And It Will Take Care Of You

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When should I replace a sports jacket?

Take Care Of Your Sports Jacket And It Will Take Care Of You

A good sports jacket is a sports apparel investment; high-quality, moisture-wicking sports apparel can be expensive, but a quality jacket will last for years if you take good care of it. For best results:

-Hang it up. When you come home from a workout, don't leave your sweaty, damp jacket balled up on the floor. Hang it on a hook or hanger so it can dry quickly.

-Wash it gently. Sports jackets don't need to be washed very often since they aren't worn next to the skin. When needed, wash sports jackets in cold water on a gentle cycle and hang to dry. Don't dry clean a sports jacket; the chemicals can damage the fabric.

-Replace when needed. The water resistance of even the best quality sports jackets doesn't last forever. You know it's time to replace your sports jacket when you notice that water doesn't bead up on the fabric, and you feel moisture coming through the jacket and making your sleeves damp. But don't abandon your old jackets; they can enjoy a second life as windbreakers or casual outerwear even if you are no longer wearing them to run in the rain.



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