Sports Jacket Fabrics: Nylon vs. Polyester

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When is a nylon jacket better than a polyester jacket?

Sports Jacket Fabrics: Nylon vs. Polyester

Some sports jackets are made from nylon while others are made from polyester, and both have their place depending on your needs and on the weather. A 100% nylon fabric is very lightweight, and it will keep out all water, but it doesn't breathe as well as a polyester jacket. But the polyester jacket may allow some dampness through in a very heavy rain, although today's high-tech styles are very water-resistant.As a competitive runner, nylon sports apparel is a good choice for warming up and cooling down before and after a competition because they will trap the heat and help keep you warm, but a nylon windbreaker alone can be too hot during a workout. When going out for a long run, choose a breathable, polyester jacket that moves moisture away from the skin.

That said, some nylon jackets, such as those in Champion's O2 Cool collection of sports apparel, feature mesh vents under the arms in down the back so you have the wind resistance of nylon with some added breathability; great for a short run on a wet or windy day.



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