Polypropylene Underwear: Warmth Without Weight

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Is there a type of long underwear that isn't bulky?

Polypropylene Underwear: Warmth Without Weight

If you're spending a lot of time outside in the cold, skiing, shoveling snow, or building snowmen, thermal wear made of polypropylene, a thin but warm moisture-wicking fabric, will serve you well. It's light enough to wear for running, but warm enough for when you aren't constantly moving. I have worn polypropylene thermal pants underneath shorts and lightweight tights for running, under ski pants for cross country skiing, and under casual pants for New Year's Eve fireworks.

Several sports apparel manufactuers offer polypropylene underwear, but Varitherm, part of Champion's Duofold collection, is the brand used by the U.S. Olympic luge, bobsled, and skeleton athletes.



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