No Gloves? Handwarmer Sports Shirts To The Rescue

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Are there any fitness shirts with built-in mittens?

No Gloves? Handwarmer Sports Shirts To The Rescue

You step outside and start running and realize, “It's cold and I forgot my gloves.” Fortunately, sports apparel manufacturers have recognized my tried-and-true runners' solution of tucking my hands into my shirt sleeves. Several fitness shirts, such as Nike's winter training turtleneck, have built-in “handwarmers.”

How do they do it? The sleeves on handwarmer athletic shirts are a few inches longer and feature thumbholes for you to hook your thumbs through and pull the fabric to cover the back and palm of your hand.

The pro: You have some hand warmth without the worry of losing gloves if you get warm enough to take them off.

The con: Your fingers are still exposed, but thin microfiber gloves will keep them warm and allow your thumbs to fit through the handwarmer thumbholes.



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