Mock Turtles Keep Your Neck Cozy But Unconstricted

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How can I keep my neck warm during cold weather workouts?

Mock Turtles Keep Your Neck Cozy But Unconstricted

On chilly fall or spring days, and on cold winter days, a mock turtleneck sports shirt keeps the cold air from blowing down your neck so you feel more comfortable and less distracted by the weather during your workout.

Mock turtlenecks aren't as high and tight-fitting as a traditional turtleneck that you might wear casually under a sweater, so you won't feel that the fabric is constricting your movement, and it won't interfere with a jacket collar or hood.

Mock turtleneck workout shirts in moisture-wicking fabrics make a great base layer to wear under a jacket or vest, or they can be worn on top of another long-sleeved t-shirt in extremely cold weather. The double layer of long sleeves will trap the heat and help keep you warm.



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