Replace Your Sports Bra Regularly

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How often should I replace my sports bra?

Replace Your Sports Bra Regularly

Sports bras may not look worn out, but the support and elasticity eventually give out. Champion, a major manufacturer of sports bras, recommends replacing a sports bra after 100 workouts or 8 months to a year of regular use, whichever comes first. But how do you define a workout? One workout may be a 16-mile run, 30 minutes on the stationary bike, or an hour of step aerobics, so some judgment is called for.

Signs that your sports bra is shot:

-You notice that you're bouncing more; the bra doesn't seem to support your chest as well as it used to.

-The elastic on the straps or bottom band is noticeably stretched out and doesn't seem to fit snugly when you put on the bra.

-The fabric is ripped so that underwires are exposed; this will lead to chafing.



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