Fitted Biking Shorts' Styles Suit Casual And Serious Cyclists

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Why should I buy biking shorts?

Fitted Biking Shorts' Styles Suit Casual And Serious Cyclists

Close-fitting biking shorts are the choice of serious cyclists for a reason: They minimize wind resistance and they have no extra fabric to catch on any part of the bike. Also, fitted biking shorts won't ride up while you're riding.

This style of short is a great choice for casual cyclists, too, and the choices are impressive. These shorts are available from many sports apparel manufacturers such as Champion, Nike, and Adidas, in a variety of lengths, from 3 inches at the inseam all the way to knee-length.

In addition, you can find biking shorts with no frills or special features including mesh panels for extra ventilation, key pockets, gel pockets, extra padding, ergonomic seams, and compression fabric.



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