Long-Torso Women: Try Men's Sizes

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How can I find running apparel to fit my long torso?

Long-Torso Women: Try Men's Sizes

If you're a woman runner with a long torso, try on some men's styles of running jackets, tops, and vests. You may find that they fit you better than a women's style. The men's styles tend to be cut longer, and you can avoid the annoyance of shirts that don't come past your waist, and expose more than you'd like when you raise your arms.

As a woman runner with a long torso, I have found that men's sizes for tops, vests, and jackets are a much better fit. Sometimes the sleeves on men's active wear can be a bit long for women, but most running jackets have Velcro closures at the wrist, and you can tighten them to keep the sleeves from sliding over your hands.



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