Night Running: See And Be Seen

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What should I wear for nighttime running?

Night Running: See And Be Seen

Sometimes even diehard daytime runners find themselves hitting the road in darkness, especially in the winter. While most of the high-end running shoe makers incorporate strategically placed reflective pieces into their shoe styles, reflective shoes close to the ground might not be enough to catch the attention of an oncoming car.

Runners who often run in the dark might consider a pair of tights or shorts and a jacket or vest with a reflective stripe or design. Most sports apparel manufacturers make active wear that has reflective designs, if you check the labels.

A caveat: If you plan to have a pre- or post-run photo taken while wearing reflective gear, beware. The stripe down the front of the jacket is likely to glow in response to a flash. So, cancel the flash or take off the jacket.



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