Wash Sports Clothes In Cold Water, Air Dry

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How do I wash sports clothes?

Wash Sports Clothes In Cold Water, Air Dry

Although the labels on some sports apparel may say that washing in warm water is OK, washing in cold prolongs the elastic properties of the fabric. Read the labels! Most sports clothes made from moisture-wicking fabrics specifically recommend cold-water washing. For best results in washing most sports apparel, use cold water on the delicate cycle in the washing machine, or hand wash the clothes in the sink, then hang the clothes to dry. Again, the labels on some sports clothing say that tumble drying them on low power is OK, but air drying will make them last longer because the heat from the dryer can be tough on elastic. Need it fast? Don't worry; the same moisture-wicking properties that keep your skin dry cause moisture-wicking and Lycra sports apparel to dry quickly. Hang your sports apparel on plastic hangers or a drying rack for an hour or so and it will be mostly dry; after a few hours it should be completely dry.



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