No Pockets? Try A Mini Waist Pack

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What packs can hold valuables during a workout?

No Pockets? Try A Mini Waist Pack

Sometimes you don't need to carry water with you, but you want to carry your keys, a few packs of power gel or Ibuprofen, or other valuables along on a workout and you aren't wearing any sports clothing with pockets. Small waist packs without water bottles come in a variety of styles with zippered pockets in different sizes. Some styles, such as the Mini Waistpack from Asics, have a pocket designed to hold your Ipod, too, with a handy hole for the headphones to go through.

These small packs can be a useful sports accessory for long runs, walks, or bike rides. Because they are lighter in weight and less bulky than a traditional “fanny pack,” they work as running packs, but can also double as passport carriers and money belts for travelers. And when you get to your destination, you can safely carry your valuables during your workouts.



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