Water Belts: Be Your Own Camel

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How do I choose a sports bottle or hydration pack?

Water Belts: Be Your Own Camel

Long workouts require water, or some type of rehydration. Whatever the weather, take water or your favorite sports drink with you in some sort of bottle or hydration pack if you will be working out for much more than an hour.

Water bottle carrier belts come in many styles and sizes. If you prefer a single-bottle belt, look for one that is angled to one side; this makes it easier for you to pull the bottle out and put it back without missing a step.

Some people prefer belts that hold several small bottles rather than one large one. The advantage of these belts is that they distribute the weight evenly around your waist and minimize the distracting sloshing of a larger amount of water in a larger bottle.

The “camelback” hydration pack style is another option. The trademark Camelbak accessories, made by the Camelbak company, have sipping tubes that attach at the waist. Some people find that they drink more fluids when they used these hydration packs because the sipping tube is easier to use than reaching for a bottle. These bags have the advantage of being lightweight and, since they fit more closely to your body, they can be more comfortable to wear. That said, since they do fit closer to the body, they could make your back sweatier on a hot summer day. Although Camelbak has fanny-pak styles, they are better suited to walking or biking than to running. Try different styles and decide which factors are more important to you to get the best fit for your workouts.



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