A Reflective Vest Keeps You In View

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What reflective accessories can I wear at night?

A Reflective Vest Keeps You In View

Nighttime workouts can be a great way to unwind after a long day, but you can't let your guard down completely. Remember that drivers in cars aren't expecting to see runners, walkers, or bikers in the dark. If you regularly work out a night, a reflective vest may be a good sports accessory to have on hand. Although most brands of high-end running shoes have some reflective panels, wearing a vest makes you much more visible to oncoming traffic. But don't worry about adding bulk; several sports apparel manufacturers, such as Road Runner Sports, offer lightweight vests made of mesh. The vests have adjustable straps to fit most sizes and to layer over any combination of tops and jackets in cold weather.

If a mesh vest is too floppy and annoying, seek out the Amphipod Xinglet, a reflective harness that consists of a strap around the waist and straps over each shoulder that meet at the chest and back—like wearing two pairs of suspenders.



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