Give Your Hands A Hand With Sports Gloves And Mittens

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Are there special gloves and mittens to wear with sports clothing?

Give Your Hands A Hand With Sports Gloves And Mittens

If you exercise outdoors in the winter months, your hands will likely get cold so it's worth investing in a few pairs of lightweight, moisture-wicking mittens or gloves, so you have one pair to wear and one as a spare if you lose your gloves or need a replacement. Sports gloves and mittens are available in a range of weights and materials where sports accessories are sold, and vary in warmth and protection based on your region.

If the temperature hovers around freezing, you will probably be comfortable in lightweight, moisture-wicking polyester/Lycra blend gloves. These gloves can serve as base layers underneath a heavier pair of gloves or mittens, or they work well on their own as a light layer on a moderately cold day.

If you need serious protection from wind, snow, and cold, read the labels and look for gloves or mittens with a wind- and water-resistant coating, such as Gore-tex.



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