Compression Pants Pump Up Performance

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What are compression shorts and how can they help my performance?

Compression Pants Pump Up Performance

When a sports apparel guru says compression wear, we aren't talking about grandma's support hose. Several sports apparel manufacturers offer tights and shorts with strategically placed compression panels to support muscles and, in theory, reduce muscle fatigue. Basically, steady compression stimulates blood flow. Just as compression bandages help wounds heal more quickly by moving fluid away from the wound, compression panels in sports apparel may improve circulation, although there are no randomized, controlled scientific studies on this topic.

Anecdotally, some athletes find these items comfortable, and believe that they do reduce muscle fatigue. But others find them uncomfortable, and don't believe they make a difference in performance. If you want to try sportswear with compression panels, several styles are available from the major sportswear manufacturers. As with any performance apparel, test-drive the clothes during practice and training before a competition.



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